Kongsberg K-Pos Auto Track Mode Operator Manual

Author(s) Kongsberg Maritime AS
Publisher Kongsberg Maritime AS
Date 2007
Pages 42
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







In the Auto Track mode, the vessel accurately follows a predefined track, described by a set of waypoints. The system controls the vessel to minimize the deviation from the track (cross-track error). The Auto Track mode covers low speed, high speed and move-up operations using different strategies for speed and heading control. In the Auto Track (low speed) mode, all the available thrusters are used to provide full position and heading control.

This strategy gives high-accuracy position control and allows full freedom in selecting the vessel heading, but its use is limited to speeds up to approximately three knots. This limit depends on the shape of the vessel's hull and the configuration of the propulsion system. The speed along the track is controlled very accurately with the possibility of running as slowly as a few centimetres per second. In the Auto Track (high speed) mode, the vessel heading is controlled (by default using rudder or thruster azimuth control, but may also apply bow thruster assistance depending on speed) to minimize the cross-track error while maintaining the required speed.

This strategy is suitable at normal cruising speeds, above 3 to 4 knots. When moving slowly in high speed tracking mode, additional thrusters may be used to assist in controlling the vessel heading. hi the Auro Track (move-up) mode, you can move the vessel a specified distance along the track. All the thrusters may be used to provide full position and heading control. The vessel stays on the track in a fixed position until you initiate a move-up.

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