Powered Watertight Doors

Author(s)                  Sheila Brownlee
Publisher Videotel
Date 2010
Pages 27
Format pdf
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   Powered watertight doors are extremely heavy and powerful: incorrectly used, they can maim and kill. Everyone on board must clearly understand all risks associated with powered watertight doors and how to operate them safely. Sliding powered watertight doors are fitted in bulkheads on passenger ships, RO-ROs and other types of vessel. Their purpose is to enable ship personnel to move from compartment to compartment, and, in the event of flooding, to prevent water spreading through the ship, for example, if the hull should be breached during a collision or grounding, or if there should be a structural failure. Ships' hulls are divided up into watertight compartments. If water should come in, the closed powered watertight doors will contain it in the compartment where the damage occurred. On certain Types of vessel, the accommodation and machinery spaces may be spread out horizontally across the length of the hull and therefore across a number of watertight compartments. People need to be able to move horizontally along each deck from space to space, but any flood water must be restricted to the smallest possible area. Powered watertight doors therefore function as a moveable section of the bulkhead that allows access between the compartments. You may use this training video with the booklet.

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