Preposition Placement in English - A Usage-based Approach

Author(s)                 Thomas Hoffmann
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2014
Pages 318
Format pdf
Size 2.2 Mb

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   Well, it definitely goes without saying that proper placement of prepositions is one of the most complex but interesting areas in English grammar. The present title prepared by Thomas Hoffman was released specifically for those learners of English who are willing to thoroughly investigate placement of the prepositions across various types of clauses. The author of the book is drawing on more than a one hundred informative examples. Although the book has been written within the frames of the "usage-based" construction grammar, the outcome is presented using the theory-neutral grammatical terminology; such approach used by the author makes the material included in the book easily understandable to all learners representing nearly all syntactic schools. We shall note that the present title will be of great interest to all syntacticians; however, the info that is contained in the publication will also be very useful and interesting to the researchers of the second language as well as to the people who are working on variation in English language. Moreover, it could be used by and is recommended to people studying English grammar and willing to concentrate on this particular subject to gain some confidence when making decisions on placement of the prepositions. It may be used as the textbook but also as the reference book.

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