sailing for dummies


JJ and Peter Isler
 Publisher Wiley Publishing, Inc.
 Date 2006
 Pages 416
 Format pdf
 Size 7.9 Mb

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   In this book, you can find all the information you need to go sailing. This book is a textbook, user's manual, and reference book all in one. We start with basic sailing skills and move on to cover more advanced topics for when you widen your horizons to activities such as chartering a boat and going cruising. You get to practice tying knots, and we talk about what to wear on a boat. (You can skip the blue blazer and captain's hat, but soft-soled shoes are a must.) You find out how to sail such diverse crafts as a sailboard and a catamaran, how to forecast the weather, and how to find a boat that's right for you. You even discover the basics of sailboat racing. We cover all you need to know to be safe on the water, and we make the whole process easy and fun! Have you ever listened in on the conversation of two sailors? Sailing has so many specific words that sailors can sound like they're speaking a foreign language. But don't let the jargon turn you off. The language of sailing has an old and rich tradition, and as you become more comfortable in a sailboat, you gradually pick up more and more of the language and become a part of the sailing tradition yourself. In this book, we try to avoid sailing jargon as much as possible, but we can't get around it completely because some of the terms are very important for safety. When the skipper plans a maneuver that requires a coordinated crew effort, using and understanding the exact sailing term allows everyone on the boat to know what's happening and what to do.

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