Second International Ship Stability Workshop - 1996 - Osaka

Author(s)                 ISSW
Publisher International Ship Stability Workshop
Date 1996
Pages 120
Format pdf
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   Here are some topics covered within this pack containing the most important proceedings and technical papers of the second ISSW held in Osaka, Japan some years ago with the best experts participating. The first session of the document is dedicated to the surf-riding, broaching as well as capsizing of the ships in following and quartering seas, providing some remarks on such phenomenon as broaching, and addressing various geometrical aspects. The second session deals solely with capsizing of the vessel in following and quartering seas, including research of the parametric resonance of the vessel in astern seas and results of the studies on the transverse ship stability of a HSC (high speed craft).  The third session covers the capsizing of the ship in beam seas, including non-linear roll motion of a vessel with water-on-deck in irregular waves. The three remaining sessions of the document are all related to the damage stability of the vessel and address capsize model experiments with a damaged vessel model, new probabilistic approaches to the stability of the damaged ship and assessment of the survivability, and ship capsize dynamics under condition of the flooded internal spaces including shifting of cargo.

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