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Oil Companies International Marine Forum
 Publisher OCIMF
 Date 2005
 Pages 121
 Format pdf
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The present OCIMF publication starts with a brief historical overview of the programme which was worked out and implemented by OCIMF some decades ago with the sole intention to provide all the members of this organization with the opportunity to release and submit the ship inspection reports for distribution. The participation in the subject programme is fully voluntary. Two revisions were made to this programme in 1997 and 2007 years and they have also been dealt with within the paper, together with the procedure for the uniform vessel inspection. The second section of the book contains the questionnaires to be used during the vessel inspections, as well as the inspector manuals. The third section is mainly dedicated to the VIQ, standing for the "vessel inspection questionnaire", and its availability to ship operators.  The remaining sections cover the conduct of inspections, distribution of the reports, some general notes, certification and associated documentation, management of the ship's crew, ship navigation issues, safety management, prevention of the marine pollution, cargo handling/ballasting systems of the vessel - petroleum/chemical/gas, mooring arrangements, communication, machinery and steering compartments of the vessel, general appearance and technical condition of the ship. All information that has been provided in the present publication was verified to be fully up-to-date and definitely practical.

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