Ship Models from Kits - Basic and Advanced Techniques for Small Scales

Author(s)                 David Griffith
Publisher Naval Institute Press
Date 2011
Pages 144
Format pdf
Size 37 Mb

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   I have been making models since I was about seven years old, so as I sit writing this, that is about four and a halt decades. One of my earliest memories is of standing next to my father, who is sitting at the dining table, gluing together pieces of plastic. Next morning, I get up out of bed and discover a litde white Skyhawk waiting for me. On other occasions it is a Spitfire or a Sopwirh Camel. My memory fails me when I try to recall how long the undercarriage stayed on that one! I was hooked straight awav, and like anv addict, my habit has grown more demanding with the passing of the years. I went through various phases - aircraft and tanks as a child, Historcx figures as an adolescent and at university, a couple of wooden farm carts in my mid to late twenties, a rediscovery of plastic after I got married and, in the mid 1990s, an eighteenth-century frigate, plank on frame and fully rigged, that took more than two years to complete. Since about 2000, I have concentrated on ships and have honed my skills in this less popular genre. I enter and regularly win competitions, and display mv models at shows throughout Scotland and northern England, including the International Plastic Modellers' Societv (IPMS) Nationals at Telford. In 2008, I even went to America with them! I thoroughly enjov talking to people about what I do. Being in no way a professional modeller, I am happy to share my techniques with others. I just want to promote the hobbv and allow as many people as possible to get as much enjoyment from it as I do. It is all about having fun, and if that goes, then there is no point in earning on doing it.

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