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Another training software developed specifically to be used by future naval architects. It is the first of two programs directed at learners who are studying to get the professional merchant navy deck officer COC (certificates of competence).

The course covers the syllabus requirements for the SQA examination plus HNC level units that are being offered by maritime colleges as part of the training required for certification to Officer of the Watch level (OOW/STCW 95). The new approach applied by the developers of this training program gives it some additional advantages over the majority of the textbooks addressing the ship stability - note that most of them assume quite high level of math ability.

This program presents the whole learning material in a very user-friendly, easy understandable manner. The content of the course has been divided into nineteen section. The first one is purely introductory, The other sections deal with everything relating to the ship stability, i.e. basic stability principles, form coefficients of the ship's hull, load lines, transverse statical stability, free surface effect, stability curves, list, various characteristics of the intact and damage stability, effect of the suspended weights, procedure of the inclining test and evaluation of the results obtained, hydrostatic data, trim, practical vessel loading problems etc.

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