Shipboard Propulsion, Power Electronics, and Ocean Energy

Author(s)                 Mukund R. Patel
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2012
Pages 379
Format pdf
Size 5.9 Mb

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   This handbook is intended to cover all modern technologies related to the propulsion of the vessels and power electronics as well as ocean energy. The material in question has been studied with the depth and breadth that the reader will hardly find in any other publication of same kind. The author has made a good attempt to examine the power electronic systems utilized for vessel propulsion as well as for extracting the energy of the ocean, which shall be treated as the mirror images. The publication comprises of sixteen chapters divided into four major parts, namely power electronics and motor drives, in which the author explains the very basic converters and drives, cooling methods and power quality, electric propulsion technologies, mainly focusing on the ships propulsion by means of the superconducting motors and other latest technologies, renewable ocean energy, exploring the energy coming from the ocean waves and currents as well as from the wind farms installed offshore, and, finally, system integration aspects, where the author is discussing the energy storage and system reliability factors, essential for any of the power systems. This is a really ideal textbook that may be used even in marine academies with engineering programs. It will be equally useful to marine engineers, ship constructors and all other specialists.

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