Ships Fastenings - From Sewn Boat to Steamship

Author(s)                 Michael McCarthy
Publisher Texas A&M University Press
Date 2005
Pages 248
Format pdf
Size 2.4 Mb

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   This book by Michael McCarthy provides readers with the useful and interesting information on various types of fastening and their development. It comes without saying that from the very earliest days of seafaring through the whole XX century the boats and ships could have never plied the seas if there were no durable and effective ship fastenings available. In this publication, this central element of ship construction has received its first detailed study as the author offers a thorough description of a range from sewn-plank boats of the ancient world and Micronesia to steamships. The book is intended to prove of very high value to shipbuilders, naval historians, and archaeologists. It will be very interesting for the enthusiast and amateur boat builders.

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