STAB 2003 - 8th International Conference on Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles - Madrid

Author(s)                 STAB
Publisher International Conference on Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles
Date 2003
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Format pdf
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   Same as with the other STAB conferences, this compilation of files includes all papers presented in the course of the Seventh conference held in Madrid, Spain in 2003. The papers included in this set have been grouped. The first group describes the historical routes of the theory of the vessels' hydrostatic stability; the second group contains papers on the accident investigation and addresses the investigations of two famous accidents, namely sinking of the ro-ro passenger ferry "Express Samina" and capsizing of a fishing vessel "Ryuho Maru No. 5". The water on deck section consists of two articles, first on the nonlinear roll and numerical approach, and second dedicated to the investigation into various effects of the shallow water on deck. The section "extreme weather effects" explains the effects of the green sea loads on general cargo ships, and lashing the trailers on the ro-ro vessels under intensive rolling. The unconventional ships have also been dealt with in one of the chapters providing the latest studies of the dynamic stability of an UWV (underwater vehicle) and damage stability of TLP (tension leg platform) in ice environment.  The other sections of the book cover design for safety, damage ship stability, safety of the large passenger vessels, parametric rolling, regulatory aspects etc.

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