Boiler Control Systems Engineering

Author(s) G. F. (Jerry) Gilman
Publisher ISAS
Date 2005
Pages 144
Format pdf
Size 27 Mb







This publication is for anyone who are working with boilers, for example the power plant managers and maintenance technicians, boiler operators and utilities managers plus other involved personnel. The information presented in the volume is primarily dealing with the boilers of "water-tube" type with both induced and forced draft fans as well as the boilers with only forced draft fan.

It should be noted, however, that this volume can also be applicable to any steam generator that requires the fuel firing. The author of the book has addressed the major issues that must be considered as necessary in order to define the measurement transmitters and preparing the specification. The final control elements have been reviewed according to the sizing and characteristics.

The book also covers the engineering details of the boiler control systems and the procedure for setting-up of the control functions; the text is supplemented with numerous specific examples of boiler control, tuning and configuration. Moreover, the publication also provides interested people with the primary requirements to a BMS (i.e. burner management system) of the boilers. Needless to say, this is a remarkably handy reference tool for all persons involved in any way in the operation/maintenance of the boilers.

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