Steel - Carriage by Sea - Lloyds Practical Shipping Guide

Author(s)                 Arthur Sparks, Frans Coppers
Publisher Informa Law from Routledge
Date 2009
Pages 443
Format pdf
Size 7.8 Mb

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   The basic intention behind this book is to provide a means of ready reference to information connected with the carriage of steel by sea. It is to be emphasised that, in those parts where suggested methods of procedure are concerned, e.g., formulation of descriptive clauses for iron and steel products, the stowing, lashing and securing of cargo etc., these are methods that have been used extensively over many years, and are still used with continued satisfaction. They are presented as a guide to what has been, and can be, achieved but need not be dogmatically adhered to without variation. On the contrary, conditions and situations differ from port to port, and from country to country, but the basic principles remain unchanged. After four successful editions with additions made to the book, it was necessary to drastically reorganise the content and update the photographs. With stepping away from the "ABC of Steel", and restructuring the book into five main chapters, we hope that it will be easier for the reader to find the subject of his/her research.

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