aircraft carriers- fontenoy

Author(s) Paul Fontenoy
Publisher ABC-CLIO
Date 2006
Pages 407
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







An excellent historical publication providing the readers interested in the naval warfare with the colorful and vivid descriptions of the aircraft carriers. These naval vessels have been first deployed at the time of the First World War by the Imperial Russian Navy forces and were treated as indispensable to the victory of the Allied forces in the Second World Was; nowadays these ships are deservedly considered the strategic centerpieces of the most powerful navy fleets of the world.

The present publication is featuring numerous perfect photographs of the most important aircraft carriers starting from the times before the First World War and till today, including many aircraft carriers that were operated or that are still being operated by the lesser-known navy fleets. The book also features a special reference section that provides readers with the basic physical details, essential design information, modifications done to the hulls and machinery of the aircraft carriers, and also a detailed service histories of more than eighty aircraft carriers.

We would recommend this title to all enthusiasts of the naval history and navy fleet. The author has surveyed the historical evolution and actual operation of the aircraft carriers and the results of that survey may now serve as a basis for any further survey in the field...

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