Terms and Expressions in Shipping and Offshore

Author(s)                 Collective
Publisher English
Date 2013
Pages 13
Format pdf
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   This small and compact vocabulary comprises thirteen pages covering the main areas of the shipping and offshore industry, such as types of marine ships, capacity measurements, offshore terminology, offshore support and supply vessels, general shipping terms, geographical abbreviations, types of affreightment, abbreviations, worldscale. Bearing in mind the numerous topics addressed by the person who compiled the vocabulary, we may say that the booklet will definitely be of some use by persons working offshore, on board ships and offshore installations as crew members or service specialists; however, the information provided in some sections may be helpful even to the office personnel dealing with preparation of the purchase orders, various reports, requests, communications and other activities that may require proper and thorough understanding of the maritime/offshore industry terminology, including ship nomenclature, abbreviations used etc. Moreover, the knowledge of the terms is also vitally important for port state control inspectors, marine authority officers, marine surveyors and all other specialists involved in the shipping and offshore industry. We would recommend to download this small vocabulary and keep it.

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