DP Incidents

Author(s) DPS Training
Publisher DPS Training
Date 2004
Pages 62
Format pdf
Size 14 Mb







The present training presentation is containing some interesting reported system incidents. It is very useful to watch such case study and analyze them in order to get more knowledge of what can happen when and if the dynamic positioning system is improperly used or when the DP fails for some reason. For instance, the BHN disaster is discussed as well as other cases.

This presentation may be used together with other presentations dedicated to the DP Applications and DP Power and Thrusters. Again, the authors have followed the same path and have mainly concentrated on the visual presentation of the training material in order to make it easily understandable for people with little to no theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of operating the DP systems.

Absolutely recommended even to the people not directly engaged in DP operations but still willing to understand what that all if for and how it works. Obviously, going through the lessons learned after the incidents is one of the best ways to properly understand the consequences of malfunctioning positioning systems of human element involved...

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