The Chinese Sailing Rig - Designing and Buildng Your Own

Author(s)                 Derek Van Loan, Don Haggerty
Publisher Paradise Cay Publications
Date 1993
Pages 111
Format pdf
Size 86 Mb

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   This guide dedicated to the chinese sailing rig guide has grown out of many years of designing, building and sailing Chinese lug rigs. Using this information, my fellow builders and I have been able to actualize our dreams. Much impetus for this work was provided by my lack of spare time for answering letters of inquiry about the Chinese lug rig. Also, each time I loaned out my notes, they were returned in a slightly more tattered condition. It seemed only practical to turn my notes into a book. When I began designing and building Chinese lug rigs in the I960's. Not much information was available. Itiere were a few magazine articles—all with inadequate detail—and some historically oriented books, hut no real "hammer and nails" approach to the subject. There still is very little practical inlormation available, and the field is wide open. That is why I have attempted in this book to provide a step-by-step guide specifically aimed at those wanting to design and build their own Chinese lug rig. More and more sailors are realizing how pleasant and carefree it is to sail with the Chinese lug rig, and it is my hope that the information found here will help each one turn those realizations into realities for their own vessels. Perhaps as fuel becomes more expensive, auxiliary sailing rigs will begin to sprout on power boats as well. Some of the older power boats are especially adaptable to sail. The Chinese lug sail would be a good choice for those power boat owners who are thinking about obtaining a little "silent power" from the wind. Iliis rig can be controlled from the pilot house and is essentially a low aspect rig. Power boaters considering a sailing rig might bear in mind that a larger rudder, or better still, an auxiliary rudder hung on the transom is almost a necessity. The two-masted rig can be made to help with the steering, and since, with two sails, the area of each can be kept low, it is more appropriate than a rig with a single mast...

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