The Price of Admiralty - The Evolution of Naval Warfare

Author(s)                 John Keegan
Publisher Viking
Date 1988
Pages 292
Format pdf
Size 33.4 Mb

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   This title is one of the earliest classics by John Keegan. In his publication, the author did his very best to closely analyze the most famous sea battles of the past. He excels in presenting very concise and clear descriptions. It will definitely be very pleasant not to be burdened with lots of terminology for any land-rubber. It is really a great work for general reader of the present subject as the book is quite easy to read and to understand. The publication has been already well met by the readers and considered a true classics of naval history because of its deeply penetrating gaze and soaring prose. The author of the title is a really unconventional naval historian offering his readers completely original thesis of the naval warfare of the past not only through the assessment of the gains of the navies, but also based in the trends in each of the eras. The author is exploring the very meaning of the "command of the seas" term striving to properly understand if any navy in the history of the mankind could lay the claim on it. The document includes literally all information that a good volume of subject history shall contain. The content includes biographies of the prominent people and even some anecdotes enlighting the dry history, supplemented with the overviews of the naval periods covered, descriptions of the battles, associated figures and facts etc.

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