The World Wonder'd - What Really Happened Off Samar

Author(s)                  Robert Lundgren
Publisher Nimble Books
Date 2014
Pages 288
Format epub
Size 4.3 Mb

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   This publication contains the detailed analysis of the primary documentation from both the USN and Japanese on the famous naval Battle off Samar on October 25, 1944. It is the great work and the must have book for naval historians. The author looks at the action of that battle in a very detailed manner and the text of the book supplemented with a great number of historical photographs. The chronological analysis performed within this work is very accurate and is not just the evaluation of the battle but rather a minute-by-minute description of the events that took place in the course of the battle. The book shall be treated as the essential reading not only for naval historians but for everyone seriously interested in battleship combats of the past. The approach to the presentation of information applied by Robert Lundgren, who is the author of this title, allows the readers to witness the battle as if they really participated in it. The content of the book has been arranged in pretty chronological order but the author switches from one vessel to another, covering both American and Japanese ships. He has also provided readers with the charts of the tracks for the ships fighting on both sides, and this has been greatly appreciated by the lovers of naval history, both professionals and enthusiasts.

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