UK Club Carriage Instructions for Refrigerated Cargoes

Author(s)                 UK Club
Publisher UK Club
Date 2001
Pages 16
Format pdf
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   Refrigerated goods have also been considered invariably perishable and that is one of the main reasons why their safe transportation will always be dependent on proper maintaining of the required carriage conditions of storage during the carriage. Actually, this is true for literally all cargoes and modes of transportation, though the conditions are seriously more critical for longer journeys. Refrigerated goods usually include both the chilled and frozen cargoes. The chilled ones include fresh vegetables and fruits. Frozen products would not typically suffer in case of the over-cooling, while the chilled products could easily get damaged by the low temperatures. The final success and effectiveness of the whole marine transportation would mainly depend on thorough following the proper carriage instructions defining the conditions in which such types of cargo should be transported. The valuable technical recommendations provided in the present document were drawn-up in order to provide the required assistance to both carriers and shippers in order to assess their transportation instructions with the final aim to improve the operation of the transport chains. Firstly, the general applicable requirements have been considered; this one is followed by the sections dedicated to the containerized goods and shipments that are undertaken by means of the reefer vessels...​​

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