UNCTAD - Maritime Piracy

Author(s) UNCTAD
Publisher UNCTAD
Date 2013
Pages var.
Format pdf
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This UNCTAD study on contemporary maritime piracy consists of two volume. The first volume represents a thorough and comprehensive overview of the ongoing trends, costs and the trade-related implication in the shipping industry of today.

The second part of the set is actually an overview of the modern international legal framework with particular attention paid by the team of authors to the multilateral cooperation in order to successfully combat contemporary maritime piracy - this one was published separately under the UNCTAD/DTL/TLB/2013/3 number.

Both documents contain useful information, necessary clarifications provided by the experts, corresponding maps and all other data officially provided by IMO, ICC and IMB professionals. The volume will be of practical interest to all persons engaged in ship management and operation, ship officers, ship owners and all other people having interest in provision of safety of navigation.

The content of the document is based on the information obtained from the world respected source and definitely deserves close look. Take your time and go through very carefully since safety is the top important aspect of ship handling and operation.

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