USCG Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook

Author(s)                 USCG
Publisher USCG
Date 2014
Pages 202
Format pdf
Size 1.9 Mb

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   This is the pack of regulatory documentation released by the USCG and consisting of two separate volumes addressing the Navigation Rules and Regulations. It contains both the Inland and International USCG-issued "Rules of the Road" together with their respective Annexes, regulations concerning the VTM (Vessel Traffic Management) and Bridge-to-bridge Radiotelephone Communications, together with all other relevant regulations for the waterway users. Effective date is 22 November 2014. The second file contained in this pack is a Corrigendum, and it contains corrections, deletions, and also the insertions that are to be done to the Handbook. Such notes are denoted a black bold type. The publication starts with the legal citations followed by the conversion table. The main content of this document has been arranged in several subparts. The first one titled "General" will describe the application of this Rulebook and outline the responsibilities of all parties involved; moreover, it will list the general definitions used. The other subparts address the sailing and steering rules, navigation lights/shapes, sound signals, light signals, exemptions from the requirements, penalty provisions, instructions on proper implementation of the rules, general operation of the ships, traffic management and other valuable relevant information.

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