anchoring large vessels

Author(s) Captain C. A. McDowall
Publisher Witherby
Date 2000
Pages 24
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







The book was specifically prepared and published to introduce a new approach to the anchoring of large ships. The anchoring systems installed on board large ships are commonly designed within general technical parameters, namely with the anchor and anchor cable being capable of holding a fully loaded ship in a current with a three knots speed and a twenty-eight-knots wind max.

It shall be noted that these systems are not designed and are not supposed to stop a ship with way on, as subject momentum will for sure exceed the limit of the shipboard anchoring system. Generally, there are thirteen shackles and twelve shackles o the starboard and port anchors, correspondingly. The motor of the windlass is designed for the vertical lift of the three shackles plus the anchor's weight allowing for the fifty percent more when testing.  

The cable stoppers shall be able to carry nearly twice the proofload applied on the cable with the holding power of the windlass brake being nearly half of the cable breaking strength. The present monographs will describe the basic principles of all associated ship maneuvers and also discuss the limitations imposed to the shipboard anchoring systems which all prudent mariners shall be aware - a truly well-though content of the book makes it very useful.

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