Anchoring Practice

Author(s) Capt. Jerzy T. Idzikowski
Publisher Rixta Oldendorff
Date 2001
Pages 98
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







The content of this instructional booklet will present huge practical interest both to the mariners and students of marine related disciplines. The material contained in this booklet will provide real life practical tips they will use when sailing on board ships and when they are engaged in anchoring operations. Prior to ship's arrival to the marine port the captain shall consult all publications available on the navigation bridge in order to get all required environmental information and relevant data.

The location of the anchorage suiting the vessel shall be clarified together with the water depth at that area and type of the seabed. In addition to that, the master shall clarify the strength and direction of the current and get proper weather forecast for the area and time of planned anchoring. Moreover, the best, i.e. safest way to the anchorage shall be checked and availability of enough sea room shall be confirmed.

The author of the present volume has included so many useful instructions covering all aspects of anchoring. For example, readers will know how to determine the minimal underkeel clearance of the vessel for safe anchoring, understand the holding power of the anchors, they will get to know the necessary steps to be taken when preparing to the anchoring, check the most effective methods of reducing the ship's speed etc.

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