basic keelboat

Author(s) Monk Henry
Publisher U.S. Sailing Association
Date 2003
Pages 91
Format pdf
Size 12.2 Mb







Sails are a boat's engine, and they produce power in one or two ways. If there is a wind coming from the side, it flows around both sides of the sail thus creating lift "pulling" the boat forward. Should the wind be coming is coming from behind, it "pushes" against the sail and simply shoves the boat forward. This belongs to the Keelboat series by US Sailing and covers the basic skills and terminology that are required in order to skipper a keelboat in a responsible manner.

The authors broke down the manoeuvers in a very understandable and simple way. The publication is popular in the sailing schools all around the country as the introductory textbook because of the easy-to-understand approach. Of course, it is aimed mostly to the newcomers; however, it will be useful even for the people having strong skills, since they still find there the information to fill in some gaps of their knowledge. We all know that the fastest way to learn something is to learn from the professionals.

This book will give the readers anything they need to know for the very first sailing. The text is truly outstanding. Some people say that in fact sailing is like chess, i.e. quite easy to learn and so difficult to master...

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