BBC Guideline - Safe Solutions for Project Cargo Operations

Author(s) BBC Chartering
Publisher BBC Chartering
Date 2009
Pages 75
Format pdf
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All instructions and provisions contained in this Guideline conform to international recommendations and regulations, in particular with the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing in its 2009 edition. The units and symbols used in the publication correspond to the Systeme International d'Unites (SI-units). The BBC Guideline further complies with all provisions contained in other official documents released by BBC Chartering.

It will, in particular, provide guidance to the interpretation of, but not override the approved Cargo Securing Manuals of specific ships. Whilst the BBC Guideline offers a safe solution for handling project cargo, in special cases there might be customer requirements that require additional lashings and a lower friction factor.

If this is the case this will be specified in the planning process. 8BC will not accept under any circumstances whatsoever, any variation from the methods set in this Guideline, which would result in lower level of safety in regards to cargo handling and securing. Where any variation from the methods is deemed necessary, the methods in this Guideline should be viewed as minimum requirements.

If required, the bedding principles outlined in the book provide a safe methodology for distributing the weight of cargo items whilst maintaining the safe structure of the vessel. During pre-planning, these principles might be overruled and bedding undertaken by another means if an in-depth calculation demonstrates that an alternative method is safe. In principle, all shipments of heavy and/or sensitive project cargo units are pre-planned by BBC Chartering.

The technical shipping procedures are in some cases laid down in a "loading manual", which is provided to the master of the vessel. This does not limit in any way the responsibility of the master for the appropriate application of all relevant procedures. The master has the overriding authority to deviate from the "loading manual" if the safety situation or nature of cargo requires this. BBC Chartering should always be contacted if a change to the planned operation is required. If there is а 3rd party surveyor present and BBC is obliged by contract to seek his approval of procedures, the field staff must obtain written confirmation from the surveyor in attendance that the changes have been agreed. The principle above also applies to instructions given in this Guideline.

Where no instruction, recommendation or technical rule is provided, the reader should support the master who is responsible and obligated to take deviating decisions if the safely of personnel, cargo or vessel so demands. Safety is always our highest priority. Any person using this Guideline as a reference who has any questions relating to this Guideline, or has any doubts when handling cargo for BBC, should contact the BBC Port Captain department for guidance...

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