Bills of Lading

Author(s) Richard Aikens, Richard Lord, Michael Bools
Publisher Informa Law from Routledge
Date 2016
Pages 626
Format epub
Size 2 Mb







Nowadays, bills of lading are forming an integral part of the transportation of various cargoes by sea and international maritime trade. The multi-functional nature of the bills of lading coupled with the huge number of case laws and regulations, make the maritime law very complex.

This publication was released to provide all interested parties with a detailed and thorough analysis of the maritime shipping law and practice as applied to the bills of lading covering all three stages, i.e. before, during and, finally, after the shipment takes place. The volume is expected to help the practitioners of today to find all required information quickly.

The content of this second edition has been revised and significantly updated by the authors in order to reflect all major and most critical developments in the field. The book now contains reference to the Far-Eastern and Singapore decisions that are becoming more and more important. Moreover, the author gives detailed analysis of the forged and fraudulent bills, misdelivery problem, and delivery without a bill of lading.

The valuable references to the relevant European laws related to the procedure and jurisdiction are provided together with the newly introduced material covering the electronic bills of lading and associated practical implications.

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