Most of us are familiar methods of troubleshooting. When something goes wrong, it becomes painfully obvious. There is a horrifying noise, a burning smell, a mysterious appearance of water in the bilge. At that moment, your primary concern is to know what happened and how to fix it; however, good troubleshooting is much more that a gut-level reactive response.

The author of the book has spent more than twenty years performing the maintenance and repair of the boat engines in Alaska. Most of his practical experience is captured in the pages of this brilliant compilation. This book has been found great by the boatbuilders and boaters worldwide due to the practically useful information contained, numerous informative drawings and illustrations - in short, they all treat this volume as a greatest resource to be referred to on a regular basis by all people engaged in boat repair and maintenance. It is an excellent collection of "fast fixes" enabling readers to repair any failed machinery piece using very basic tools and instruments.

The content has been designed bearing non-mechanics in mind and is presenting effective DIY maintenance procedures that would allow to prevent most of the commonly raising problems from occurring, and this is one of the reasons of global popularity of this volume.

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This is just the short yet quite valuable and informative excerpt taken from the "Popular Mechanics" magazine dated half-a-century ago. The readers who decide to have a look into this small booklet will be told, very briefly, how to construct a simple boat with their own hands and without having to involve third party professionals; in addition, there will be no serious money required.

As declared by the authors of this mini-textbook to the boatbuilding, this new construction project will cost you almost absolutely nothing - say about dozen of bucks, and it can be completed in only sixteen hours; moreover, the newly built boat may be either oar-powered or moved using the outboard engine. Just try, because summer is coming! All necessary plans, sketches, and technical data inside. The authors insist that literally anyone can build a boat - you just have to find some dollars to get the necessary materials for construction.

Then, provided you have some sixteen hours (usually not more unless you plan to waste the time), you may start. One of the secrets of this simple construction is the lack of any framework in the design. The sides of t e boat will fair around the single mold stick which is inserted between the stern and the stem, in a natural way...

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In this book the author tells us the biography of a truly remarkable boat and the story of the man who built this boat. It is much more than just a tale of technology - we would rather consider this publication a profile of imagination and hubris of a legendary enterpreneur. The man to whom this book is dedicated, has a dream and that dream was not to get very rich or acquire power.

Tom Perkins was one of the creators of the world famous Silicon Valley and, obviously, already possessed all of that wealth, being a one of the most successful venture capitalists. As he hit his seventies, this man decided to build the larges, highest-tech, fastest and, by the way, riskiest sailboat ever - and called it the perfect yacht. The yacht would be as long as the soccer field, about 42 feet wide, have three masts each having a height of a twenty-storied building... The Maltese Falcon, the world's biggest privately-owned sailing ship.

This book is a really exhilarating account of how this yacht was created. It is indeed revealing and very engaging. The ones who read it will for sure do that with a great deal of interest and will not get disappointed. This eminent person and his boat have been examined in this publication with precision and insight.

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This nice guidance for the boat builders with a quite self-explanatory title was compiled and released by the editors team of the world famous Popular Mechanics Magazine who have spent so much of their time and efforts trying to choose the boats to be included in those twenty-three.

The boats that can be constructed according to the plans, sketches and drawings provided in the present publication, are currently in operation in various parts of the United States. The building instructions are given in a very easily understandable way. This book will definitely suit both beginner and experienced boatbuilding enthusiasts; however, people who never dealt with the building of the boats before, would better familiarize themselves with the contents of the chapter nine called "Build Your Boat Right".

The editors of the book do believe that it will offer something to tempt all lovers of boatbuilding and boating. The readers just have to choose their favorite type - for example, sailboat, ice yacht, cabin cruiser, kayak etc. - and follow the clear, simple and perfectly illustrated instructions. Be sure that the kind of boat you would like to have is there in this book - find it and try to build - it is not that difficult.

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In Herman Wouks wonderful Caribbean escape novel Don't Stop the Carnival there is a rogue character who describes himself as "just an old truth teller." I like that. It is a self-assessment worth living up to. The current truth about boating is that it gets harder to afford from year to year. In the nearly twenty years since This Old Boat was originally published, the waterways and shorelines have gotten markedly less boat friendly (unless you are lucky to own a megayacht).

Do-it-yourself boatyards continue to give way to condominium developments. Marinas have succumbed to the immediate return of converting to high-priced dockominiums. Both gasoline and diesel fuel have increased from less than SI per gallon to more than $4. The price of a new offshore 35-foot sailboat has risen from an already astonishing S100,000 plus in 1991 to an astronomical $300,000 plus today and still rising. The cost of insurance also rising. Storage costs are up. Haulout costs are up. What bought a gallon of bottom paint in the '90s buys a quart today. Hell, even the cost of this book has increased (but not so much)...

The author himself combines about thirty years of sailing experience, an excellent sense of humor and a perfect writing style to deliver reliable and simple advice to the boaters.

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Here is the twenty-first century update of the world popular book written by the professional yacht designer to serve as a sort of guide to the safe and efficient offshore cruising yachts. It has been loaded with detailed technical information covering the design theory, construction and outfitting of the yachts. This book will be very useful to all people who are in the boat design and construction.

The publication has gained the popularity because of the author's approach to the important questions - he is actually looking at them at a slightly different angle, That is why the book is treated as a really great read for all boat and yacht designers and constructors. The style of writing used by the author has made this book very easy and interesting to read.

The way he explains the various design features of yachts and boats enables the readers to better understand the theoretical principles that are usually considered quite difficult. In his book, the author has covered the hull shapes, machinery, propulsion arrangements, sails, decks and actually all aspects one needs to be aware of in order to understand all design matters. Very informative and opinionated publication and a must-have for every boater due to a wealth of information provided.

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Cleaning the boat is not as easy and simple as scrubbing its surface away with a kitchen cleanser since wrong procedures can easily damage your boat or the environment around. The book presented to your attention is not just a stern-to-stem guidance covering literally all aspects of boat detailing and cleaning processes.

It recommends readers both brand-name and quite generic boat hull cleaning and maintenance materials in order to help them make proper selections. The text materials provided in this book are supplemented with a huge number if before-and-after photographs showing readers how to keep their boats looking nice and protect their market values, how to achieve best results with minimum possible efforts and using the environmentally safe methods. how to use checklists and data tables to keep the work efficient and duly organized.

The publication will definitely be very helpful for everyone owning a boat, and it makes no difference whether the reader owns a small seventeen-feet console of a large forty-five-feet cabin cruiser. The book starts with the explanation of what the oxidation is and how it affects fiberglass, providing some advice on how to protect the boat's hull from oxidation or remediate if, if already occurred...​

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This history of this book started almost a century ago. The very first release of this publication is dated about 1923. The present contemporary edition of the book continues the tradition of representing a perfect reproduction of the most important historical works while maintaining the perfect format of the original publication.

We believe that this work is culturally important in the original form and therefore did not utilize the optical character recognition technique when preparing the electronic release of the book. In our opinion, it may lead to the sub-optimal results, such as improper characters, typo errors and confusing formatting results. The authors of the original publication included numerous data diagrams and images, as well as detailed working plans and drawings of various model yachts and various small ships that would be suitable even for the amateur builders.

It does not, however, even pretend to be a specific treatise on naval architecture or yachting; it would be rather addressed to that portion of the yachting world which is interested in the small crafts and boats that can be constructed by amateurs and not professional builders. The author of the book touched the most important and interesting aspects of the design, construction and sails, with some underlying theoretical principles...  

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