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Here is the very practical handbook designed specifically to be used as the boatshop assistant and written by the professional to meet all needs of the boat builders. The content of the volume covers the entire process of constructing wooden boats, from row-boats to the huge commercial and war ships.

The idea of the author was to help boat builders facing difficulties and various delays that usually result from the insufficient practical information. The book provides readers with the detailed info and tips supplemented with the numerous pictures addressing all stages of the building process. Such information will be of great use to the people engaged in planning the boat building process, with due consideration given to the sequence of the operations.

The nine sections of the book cover the plans and lofting, set up and construction of the flat-bottom, V-shaped-bottom, and round-bottom hulls, different construction methods, joining, spar making, plumping, installation works, finishing, as well as the tools normally used for construction. The approach used by the author make the understanding of the material easy even for the absolute beginners and this is one of the advantages.

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Prepared by the recognized expert and well known powerboater, the present publication will be of great practical use for the people intending to sell their boat. The author has provided numerous real tips and instructions which, when duly followed, will eventually result in the bargain that would satisfy both parties and let you save your time and, of course, money.

Most people think of the process as just putting the advertisement in the newspaper with a good photo and technical characteristics of the boat; however, it is never that simple. In order to reach better results, you will need to do everything properly. First of all, due attention shall be paid to the preparation of the asset for sale, bringing all of the associated papers in order, and thinking about the appropriate and reasonable pricing.

Then it would make sense to think about placing some ads and prepare yourself for the negotiations with the prospective buyers. In short, the content of the present title will help anyone in need to sell the boat quickly and for the best possible price. It shall be noted, however, that the potential buyers will also be interested in the above items and will go through the volume very carefully, preparing themselves for the bargain.

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Historically, people have been tied to the boats in the many varied ways. While some people look on the boats as the means of rest and relax while others would rather treat boats like living creatures. The present title has already been proven useful to and highly appreciated by the representatives of both parties.

The material is conveniently arranged in seven chapters with the first one dealing with the boat deck work, where such topics as mooring, stowing and tripping lines, anchoring etc. are discussed. The second chapter addresses the sail handling of your boat; while the third one will introduce you to the essential safety aspects that shall be paid ultimate attention at all times when sailing on any boat or yacht.

There is one separate chapter devoted to the life on board and this information will be particularly interesting to those making their first voyage. Since the ventilation is considered very important, it has been covered in the next chapter, followed by the one about the galley. The closing chapter of the volume tells readers about the dinghy boats, a very interesting and traditionally popular design. This is a real must have book for all boating enthusiasts regardless of their skills and preparation level.

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This is one of the most complete and thorough volumes of those devoted to the outrigger canoes that have gained so much of popularity and spread everywhere in the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. The idea of the author was to provide readers with the detailed plans and instructions that would be used when building the sailing canoes.

The designs presented in this volume are quite lightweight and one can easily build them following the instructions step by step. Due to the clarity of the explanations given by the author, the volume gained so much of popularity all around the world. Some brief history of this type of boat has been provided for a start, and then the basic technical characteristics are discussed.

The motors commonly installed on such boats have also been addressed in detail, providing readers with the easily understandable instructions and tips. Apart from that, some essential boat building information has been providing acquainting the readers with the mostly used construction materials and techniques for both new construction and repair works. The canoe rigging and tuning have been paid particular attention, and same applies to the basic sailing tips. Finally, there is a nice glossary of terminology.

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This is another valuable publication designed specifically for the owners of the boats and yachts who want to make some improvements to the existing arrangement of their craft in order to reach better performance characteristics and also make it a more comfortable place. The book opens with some general information followed by the chapter on the performance of the hull as well as the propulsion and resistance of the boat, and the basic stability matters.

After that, the sails and rigs, deck and steering arrangements, plumbing and many other aspects are covered. The boat and yacht machinery is dealt with in the separate section of the volume. The main objective of the author was to perform the professional evaluation of the contemporary technology and also to have a close look at each part pf the modern boat design, together with the construction features, control and, of course, seaworthiness.

Every effort was made to examine all available electronic navigation and communication means of today, which contribute to the safety of navigation. Note that the author’s intention was to concentrate on the most important aspects to make sure that none of the vital areas are missed. Make sure you go through the volume carefully.

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This another brilliant book from the author of the “Small Steel Craft – Design, Construction and Maintenance”. The content of the publication is intended to provide valuable step by step instructions for those willing to improve their boats or yachts. All of the tips have been provided with the detailed sketched to make understanding and following them easier.

First of all, the readers are acquainted with the hull construction including the boat framing, keel, strengthening and other important elements; the hull materials are also included here. The deck construction is dealt with in the next chapter together with the hatches and windows. After that, the author proceeds to the boat spars and rigging, and deck gear, cockpits and wheelhouses, including lockers and seats, stowage etc.

The boat engine and hull systems are dealt with in the separate chapter, including the steering arrangements, exhausts, hull piping, shafting, fuel and lubricating oil tanks and other aspects. Finally, the rest of the chapters cover the equipment and tenders, joinery, and fitting out, including the tools, maintenance instructions etc. You will definitely find everything you need in this volume.

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This is a very good book for the yacht and boat owners willing to make improvements to their craft. It is definitely extremely satisfying for the yachtsman to add something to the original construction of the yacht that would improve her qualities. The author of the volume has presented a nice collection of thoroughly selected an detailed instructions, supplemented with the informative sketches for constructing really workable alternatives to the equipment that would otherwise cost huge money.

The effectiveness of all of the tips contained in this book has already been proven since the associated items were tried and, of course, tested in the real life condition before sharing them with the readers. Many of the items dealt with are in the everyday use by many yacht owners. We can say that the information in this volume will be of a real practical interest to the people who like to apply the do-it-your-yourself concept.

Following the instructions given by the author will let them make their yachts and boats more efficient and in some sort unique. It is so practical that one would like to use the tips even if he or she does not possess a yacht right now – the tips are truly universal and this makes the book even more valuable.

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This is an excellent and perfectly written primer of sailing for all boat and yacht owners. The content of the publication was prepared by the team of experienced sailors. The introductory chapter provided by the respected Bob Bond, author of many other titles, gives very good background which will be interesting for all newcomers to the world of sailing.

After that, there goes a chapter written by the consulting editor of the volume, acquainting readers with the boat construction and rigging, and note that all common construction materials are covered, from wood to fiberglass. The contributions from the recognized experts were used when preparing all of the chapters, such as the one dealing with the wind and sail, covering everything from sailing dynamics to handling spinnakers.

Apart from that, the coverage includes the cruising theory and useful practical tips, anchoring and mooring techniques and procedures to follow, reading the weather, navigating your boat and so many others. There is a separate chapter devoted to the ropes and knots – in fact, there are so many volumes on that available, such as the famous “Handbook of Knots” and “Knots and How to Tie Them”. However, the authors have managed to provide a real wealth of information in the pages of a single volume.

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