This second edition of the world popular publication on marine composite materials has been significantly revised and updated in order to reflect the very latest technological advances. The recent evolution of the various composite materials used for construction of the boat hulls has eventually resulted in the demand for evaluating the fundamental design instruments used for creating the marine structures.

With the improvement in materials and boatbuilding practices, it would not be unreasonable to consider the composite materials suitable for building the hulls of the vessels less than hundred meters in length. The publication is exploring the technologies that are required for the engineering of the advance composites for the larger marine constructions.

The author has also addressed the applications of the materials together with the design performance and important fabrication aspects. A glossary of terminology is also included for ready reference. A whole range of applications has been covered from the recreational marine industry to commercial and fishing industry. A very interesting reading for the ship- and boat-builders who want to be updated with the recent technological developments in the field.

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A truly great bestselling guidebook to DIY interior boatbuilding. The volume has already been very well met by the boat owners who were not fully happy with the arrangement and layout of their boats and/or wanted to fit out completely renovated hull. The author has clearly explained every single detail and illustrated the content with numerous step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow even for the beginner.

All of the procedures and techniques addressed in the pages of this publication would normally be applicable to all types and sizes of boats. The huge practical experience of the author allowed him to produce one of the best guides on boat interiors. The volume includes more than four hundred color images. The boaters from different parts of the world have all found this book perfectly researched and remarkably informative owing to the nice illustrations supplementing excellent explanations.

One will definitely find so many ideas that will not be technically complicated and may be used by any boat owner. The book will be particularly appreciated by the owners willing to refit their boats from the complete scratch. What they shall do is just to read carefully and follow all instructions provided by the author.

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The present official Manual was prepared by USCG to present the approved procedures and established methods to be used when conducting boat operations. The text part of the manual is fully illustrated with very informative images. The book has been deservedly treated by the readers as the best resource for the crews. The content if written in a very easy-to read language making it very convenient to use.

The materials contained in the publication are arranged in twenty chapters all important aspects. For example, the first chapter of the book is dealing with the boat crew, duties of the crew members and watch standing responsibilities, determining the crew size as well as certification and qualification of the crew members, description, knowledge and performance skills of the trainees, crew members, engineers, coxwains and surfmen, lookout watch including night watch, towing watch and helm watch, anchor watch and other relevant matters.

The next chapter is dealing with the auxiliary operational missions while the third one covers the main factors of crew efficiency. Then the authors proceed to the team coordination, management of the associated risks, first aid, pyrotechnics, characteristics of the boat, survival equipment, boat stability, communications, navigation techniques, boat handling and many other aspects.

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As the title implies, this book is about the repair of boats and is intended to provide boatbuilders and boaters with truly comprehensive and detailed repair guidance. In fact, a good boat owner shall be a sort of combination of boatbuilder and sailmaker, boat mechanic and electrician, and even welder and plumber - of course, he or she shall also have good boat navigation skills.

Knowing all this is next to impossible, and all boat owners have to call experts to assist them with one task or another. The present volume aims to empower all interested boat owners with the required technical knowledge enabling them to fix the damages occurring to their boats and eventually reduce the demand for the external help. The reader will find useful and easy-to-read information about the fundamental tool skills, they will get valuable advice relating to the essential spares and get to know how to set up their personal workshop.

Using the information contained in the book they will even be able to survey their boats on their own. This, in turn, will eliminate additional expenses and let them save some money. Starting with the essential repair skills, the content of the volume proceeds to the boat hull and deck repairs, wooden, steel and ferro-cement repair works, domestic repairs, general mechanics and repairs to the electrical equipment and systems including navigation part, engine repairs, sailboat and motorboat repairs, outboard and dinghy boat repairs. The glossary is also there to check the terminology.

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This books was designed to serve as an excellent ultimate companion to be used for the exploration of the North American coastal waters. The text content of the guidebook has been supplemented with numerous beautiful images providing valuable tips on such important aspects of boating as anchoring and piloting, weather etc.

The book is full of detailed step-by-step instructions on various quite specific techniques and boating skills. Six section of the guide provide information on choosing the cruising powerboat, selecting of the gear for cruising, using the boat, keeping the boat running boat and looking nice, living the cruising life, cruising great destinations etc.

Among the topics covered in the pages of the present guidebook there are boat engines and drive systems, stabilizers and steering systems, cooking and refrigeration, shipboard cooling and heating systems, anchors and associated equipment, safety equipment, tips on buying the cruising powerboat, routing maintenance techniques and procedures, keeping the boat clean, handling the boat, fundamentals of boat navigation, planning boat cruises, rules of the road and so many other important and interesting topics. Some additional information is provided within three appendices to the main part of the volume.

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This guide dedicated to the Chinese sailing rig guide has been developed on the basis of the information collected during many years of designing, building and sailing Chinese lug rigs. Despite quite compact sized of the publication, it really contains huge amount of useful information and may be treated as a perfect addition to any collection of nautical history books.

The book is remarkably reader-friendly and provides all info about the construction of the seaworthy boats. the text is full of photos included to illustrate all stages of construction. In short, it is very informative and handy book - note that everything presented in the pages of this book has been already tried and done so you may rely on the information contained herein. The publication is recommended to any reader with the interest in naval history and vessels of the past and who are willing to know some more about the Chinese rigs and how the western hulls could be adopted.

Of course, you do not have to be a professional shipbuilder or naval historian to enjoy reading this book. By the way, some of the info presented will definitely interest ship modelers who may use it when making the model of ships of that period.

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Most of us are familiar methods of troubleshooting. When something goes wrong, it becomes painfully obvious. There is a horrifying noise, a burning smell, a mysterious appearance of water in the bilge. At that moment, your primary concern is to know what happened and how to fix it; however, good troubleshooting is much more that a gut-level reactive response.

The author of the book has spent more than twenty years performing the maintenance and repair of the boat engines in Alaska. Most of his practical experience is captured in the pages of this brilliant compilation. This book has been found great by the boatbuilders and boaters worldwide due to the practically useful information contained, numerous informative drawings and illustrations - in short, they all treat this volume as a greatest resource to be referred to on a regular basis by all people engaged in boat repair and maintenance. It is an excellent collection of "fast fixes" enabling readers to repair any failed machinery piece using very basic tools and instruments.

The content has been designed bearing non-mechanics in mind and is presenting effective DIY maintenance procedures that would allow to prevent most of the commonly raising problems from occurring, and this is one of the reasons of global popularity of this volume.

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This is just the short yet quite valuable and informative excerpt taken from the "Popular Mechanics" magazine dated half-a-century ago. The readers who decide to have a look into this small booklet will be told, very briefly, how to construct a simple boat with their own hands and without having to involve third party professionals; in addition, there will be no serious money required.

As declared by the authors of this mini-textbook to the boatbuilding, this new construction project will cost you almost absolutely nothing - say about dozen of bucks, and it can be completed in only sixteen hours; moreover, the newly built boat may be either oar-powered or moved using the outboard engine. Just try, because summer is coming! All necessary plans, sketches, and technical data inside. The authors insist that literally anyone can build a boat - you just have to find some dollars to get the necessary materials for construction.

Then, provided you have some sixteen hours (usually not more unless you plan to waste the time), you may start. One of the secrets of this simple construction is the lack of any framework in the design. The sides of t e boat will fair around the single mold stick which is inserted between the stern and the stem, in a natural way...

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