This book will be greatly appreciated by all boaters and yachters. They will definitely find it absolutely perfect as the book contains literally everything they may need. It will be useful not only for the students or practicing seamen but also to those people willing to refresh their knowledge in maneuvering boats. The authors made the contents of the volume short and concise but still enough informative to be used as a quick reference tool on board any yacht or boat.

It shall be treated as an indispensable source for the people who do not have too much time to spend and therefore cannot afford spending enough time on water; however, they do understand the need for the proper knowledge and will be glad to have such an excellent book readily available at all times.

Though there are so many book available today on the subject, this particular one is a bit standalone one due to the way the material has been presented and described, and also due to the numerous illustrations supplementing the text part. We recommend it for familiarization by any person starting to handling their powerboats and yachts to make sure they are duly prepared, and also have them on board for reference whenever needed.

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This publication was prepared by Frank Ward Sterling, Lieutenant of the United States Navy Fleet, back in 1942. Taking into account the date of the release, it is quite obvious that some of the latest technological developments in the field of boating cannot be reflected in this volume. However, the book covers all important aspects of the boat handling which have actually remained unchanged.

The volume will be of some interest to any boat owner and any person willing to get to the essentials of the boat navigation. The material is arranged in two halves covering boat navigation and seamanship. While the first part deals with the various navigational tools, records and publications, dead reckoning and positioning of the boat, the second one addresses soundings and tides, weather issues, rules of the road etc.

In short we would recommend all people planning their voyage on the boat to have a look into this book to ensure proper knowledge of the theory. The material is presented in a very understandable way and maybe that is why the publication is still used by many people notwithstanding the age of the book. In fact the explanations provided by the authors will make the topics understandable even to the people with no maritime background.

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Every single person involved in construction, purchase or renovation of the metal boats in any way will like this book. The boaters from all around the world consider it as a must-have publication providing a thorough professional overview of the boats made of steel as well as aluminum and alloys. The content was prepared by one of the respected designers of the small crafts.

The book will provide good explanations of all advantages offered by the metal boats. There are valuable tips included covering the process of purchasing the boat - you will know what shall be paid maximum attention. People dealing with the construction and repair of the metal boats will find useful information about new building and refurbishing the hulls, boat superstructures and decks.

In addition to that, the topics covered by the author also include boat engineering and prevention from corrosion, design of the boat's interior, all electrical systems installed on board metal boats, up to the fittings and appendages. This is a great book with very informative text supplemented with numerous illustrations and it should be recommended to any boat builder or boat owner who will benefit from the valuable advice.

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This popular publication will be appreciated by the people with the interest in yachting and boating. The content of the book will help them learn the fundamentals of sailing and reveal some of the secrets they will need to get the maximum from their boats. Note that the type of the boat does not matter at all - it can be a dinghy boat, catamaran, sports boat or any other.

The practical tips and valuable advice contained in the pages of this brilliant volume have been provided by the recognized experts sailors so the readers will get a perfect inside knowledge required to significantly improve their sailing techniques. According to the boaters from all around the world, the author of this book has managed to cover all boat handling aspects in detail. This volume is an essential one to anyone willing to sail a fast asymmetric boat.

Among the topics covered in the publication are standard and advance moves, avoiding common disasters when sailing, boat speed, survival sailing, strategy and tactics of sailing, broaching and capsizing of the boats etc. This is a really must-have book on the shelf of any boater and we recommend it to the boaters and yachters regardless of their boats and of their skills and experience.

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An excellent publication prepared a well-recognized nautical journalist, the author of the popular “The RIB Manual” title with more than twenty years of experience in surveying marine facilities including all types of ships. The content of the volume will help all boat builders and boat owners in performing surveys of the boats on their own. It will definitely serve as a perfect tool for both owners and buyers of the boats and small crafts.

Normally, the boats are quite complicated and expensive, and that is why it is very important that you are able to perform all required detailed checks of the boat, properly identify all problems and deal with them before they become serious, perform the assessment of the boat for any signs of problems without having to hire a professional for the expensive and lengthy report. The text part of the book is richly illustrated and full of useful and practical advice.

The sections of the book cover such important aspects of boat surveying as hull checks, boat engine and hull systems, electrical systems, tools of the trade, mast and rigging, steering, and so many others. This is an absolutely recommended publication for anyone owning a bot ort planning to purchase one, noting the amount of information it provides to the reader.

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This world famous publication is deservedly considered a classic and must-have one for anyone involved in boat building as well as the boat owners. The RIB, standing for the Rigid Inflatable Boat, was first introduced nearly sixty years ago. Its appearance did revolutionize the marine market of that time.

The RIB Manual was released in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the first rigid inflatable boat and will serve as an excellent reference tool covering literally all important aspects of RIB design, their handling and routine maintenance. The author has arranged the material emphasizing the practical part.

The book starts with some historical overview including development of the RIBs design. Note that the book covers both leisure and commercial boats. The second part of the publication is devoted to the boat handling including impact of boat hull design, cruising and driving techniques, launching and transportation of these boats, and of course safety and survival issues.

The third part is dealing with the boat maintenance and will be equally important to everyone regardless of the boat type. In short, this is one of the best reference books on boat handling and maintenance available today.

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This second edition of the world popular publication on marine composite materials has been significantly revised and updated in order to reflect the very latest technological advances. The recent evolution of the various composite materials used for construction of the boat hulls has eventually resulted in the demand for evaluating the fundamental design instruments used for creating the marine structures.

With the improvement in materials and boatbuilding practices, it would not be unreasonable to consider the composite materials suitable for building the hulls of the vessels less than hundred meters in length. The publication is exploring the technologies that are required for the engineering of the advance composites for the larger marine constructions.

The author has also addressed the applications of the materials together with the design performance and important fabrication aspects. A glossary of terminology is also included for ready reference. A whole range of applications has been covered from the recreational marine industry to commercial and fishing industry. A very interesting reading for the ship- and boat-builders who want to be updated with the recent technological developments in the field.

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A truly great bestselling guidebook to DIY interior boatbuilding. The volume has already been very well met by the boat owners who were not fully happy with the arrangement and layout of their boats and/or wanted to fit out completely renovated hull. The author has clearly explained every single detail and illustrated the content with numerous step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow even for the beginner.

All of the procedures and techniques addressed in the pages of this publication would normally be applicable to all types and sizes of boats. The huge practical experience of the author allowed him to produce one of the best guides on boat interiors. The volume includes more than four hundred color images. The boaters from different parts of the world have all found this book perfectly researched and remarkably informative owing to the nice illustrations supplementing excellent explanations.

One will definitely find so many ideas that will not be technically complicated and may be used by any boat owner. The book will be particularly appreciated by the owners willing to refit their boats from the complete scratch. What they shall do is just to read carefully and follow all instructions provided by the author.

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