Captain Cook

Author(s) Haydn Middletown
Publisher Oxford University Press
Date 1997
Pages 32
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







We have a good chance today to offer you an excellent and remarkably interesting popular publication which was originally prepared by Haydn Middleton and which is telling readers a story about one of the most famous seamen in the maritime history. This nice book has been written in a very easy-to-read language, and that is why we would highly recommend it even to the children; moreover, there are numerous colourful illustrations supplementing the main text of the volume that will make it even more attractive to the junior readers.

Obviously and without any discussion, Captain Cook is one of the most prominent figures in the history and someone everyone should know about. One of the greatest explorers of the world ocean and adventurer, whose geographical explorations filled in the remaining vacant spaces on the world map. The fascinating way of telling the story will make this book one of the most favourite books in the collection of your kid; however, we are quite sure that you will love it yourself. An easy reading for the weekend or after a long day, just relax and let yourself get transferred a couple of centuries back, to the times of sea adventures, we promise you will not get disappointed.

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