Centrifugal Pumps - Design & Application

Author(s) Val. S. Lobanoff, Robert R. Ross
Publisher Gulf Professional Publishing
Date 1992
Pages 592
Format pdf
Size 33 Mb







One of the best volumes on the centrifugal pumps. The authors have mainly focused of the pump design and construction materials, as well as the commonly employed production techniques. The book provides necessary information about the main design elements, modeling techniques and other important aspects such as the multi-stage casing etc. Some brief insight has been provided to the pump theory.

The content is not actually limited to the essential information and as such will be of practical interest even for the professional engineers, for example those involved in the maintenance and servicing of the pump stations. The manufacturers experience collected during the past decades have all found their reflection in the pages of this book. There are four main parts in the book, the first one addressing the pump design elements, followed with the pump applications, and mechanical design.

The closing part of the publication is dealing with the pump maintenance and provides the instructions and tips on how to extend the life of the pump, including their alignment, lubrication of the bearings, and seals. Note that this is a second, revised, edition of the title, featuring a full coverage of all important areas.

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