Chemistry in the Marine Environment

Author(s) R. E. Hester, R. M. Harrison
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Date 2000
Pages 112
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







Since the world ocean covers more than seventy percent of the planet's surface and has the average depth of  almost four kilometers, it should not be too surprising that the exchanges occurring there between the atmosphere and the ocean exert quite significant influences on the climate of Earth. The great variety within the ocean's expanses shall also be taken into account, including large differences in temperatures and huge biological diversity that is brought about by chemical diversity in the same environment.

The present publication has been compiled by a group of internationally recognized and experienced professionals in the field of marine chemistry, with the intention to offer readers a very authoritative and truly multi-disciplinary technical review of the subject topic. The content of the title also includes a thorough review of the existing challenges and opportunities connected with the development of the pharmaceutical from the sea water, together with the examination of pollution and contamination of the marine environment - this is actually considered one of the most serious threats.

The book shall be used worldwide and will be of great use to both students and professionals, engaging their further interest and close attention to the topics addressed within the publication. It is really an essential reading for them due to the expert and concise review provided.

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