COLREG Consolidated Edition 2018

Author(s) IMO
Publisher IMO
Date 2018
Pages 64
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







The latest consolidated edition of the COLREG convention. The rules and regulations contained in this convention are intended to apply to all ships navigating in the navigable high seas and waters. The convention opens with an article on the general obligations. Then, the arrangement of the material will follow the traditional one use in the previous release of the COLREG, but the contents has been revised in order to consider all developments and changes in the field of marine navigation.

The document is an absolute must-have on board any seagoing vessel and thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations is prerequisite for any ship navigator. Needless to say that failure to know the rules and comply with them will inevitably result in the negative consequences. That is why all crew members involved in the navigation in any way, are encouraged to ensure that they are in possession of the latest release of the convention, and that they know and understand all of the rules. Save this publication and make sure It is readily available at all times, considering its vital importance for the safety of navigation of your vessel, being one of the most important conventions ever issued by the IMO.

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