Conning 3500 User Manual

Author(s) Imtech Marine & Offshore
Publisher Imtech Marine & Offshore
Date 2008
Pages 95
Format pdf
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Conning 3500 serves as main input and visualisation device for any SMC configuration, such as NavPilot 3500 or DPT 3500. It provides the operator with valuable primary navigation information grouped in a set of functional or 'Conning' mimics. Each mimic is designed for a specific operating condition. It is built from a collection of components from Imtech's extensive SMC library, and may be completed with any ship specific special functionality.

In addition to the visually presented navigation information, the system may be configured to generate acoustic support such as alarm signals. Conning 3500 is a client application that, depending on the configuration on board, may be installed on a DPT 3500 Server, a dedicated Conning 3500 client system, or a a multi-purpose workstation. In principle, the application can be installed in two hardware depending versions - a version for a system with track ball or mouse, and a touch screen version providing a pop-up dialog whenever the operator wants to enter settings-Several clients may run in parallel on a number of operating positions. Depending on the configuration, operator accessibility may be limited to avoid conflicts between the operator positions in different rooms.

A Conning 3500 client requires a server application for providing data. A DPT 3500 DP2 class configuration contains two servers in a master/slave set-up and an independent joystick server. The Conning by default shows data from, and provides access to, the Master server; however, provisions are available to temporarily address the Slave server.

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