Correct Your English Errors

Author(s) Tim Collins
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2017
Pages 368
Format epub
Size 18 Mb







Have a look into one of the bestseller ESL guides. The present second release of the publication is now providing additional review exercises intended to reinforce all lessons learned. This is the excellent choice for those tending to repeat the mistakes they usually do when speaking or writing in English. The content of the volume has been found to be very engaging and fun helping readers communicate easier.

The book has already been appreciated by the English learners as a truly comprehensive guide to be used by the people willing to get their English skills significantly improved. The author provides clear explanations of the fundamental elements giving numerous examples of the frequently made errors. All of the examples are presented in color for better understanding.

The common pitfalls have been highlighted with the maximum attention being paid to the misspelling and mispronunciation, incorrect usage of the verb tenses etc. The book will help learners avoid wrong application of their own grammar rules to English language - this applies to non-native students. Each of the chapters concludes with the review exercises. The format of the book makes the material easy to understand, and it is recommended to anyone working on the improvement of their spoken or written language.

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