DP Operators Handbook

Author(s) Capt. D. Bray FNI
Publisher The Nautical Institute
Date 2008
Pages 120
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







This practical guide released by The Nautical Institute has been originally intended for the masters and mates of the ships equipped with the DP systems; moreover, its content is expected to be useful to all people willing to get some good knowledge on the DP arrangement and working principles.

The book covers such an important matters as dynamic positioning principles and systems, redundancy and different classes of DP equipment, operations of the vessels with DPS installed on board, watch keeping and operational planning, position reference systems and power plants, propulsion units and thrusters, human factors to bear in mind, DPS operator training.

There is guidance provided for masters on how to conduct proper assessment of the competency of DPS operator candidates. Note that the book has been supplemented by a concise yet quite comprehensive Glossary describing the commonly used DP-related terms and abbreviations.

Though this publication is not expected to be a complete treatise on DP, it is still aimed to the people transferring to work on the DP ships from more conventional ships, not making any attempt to replace the standard textbooks on DP systems or going too deep into the individual manufacturer's DP systems.

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