ECDIS Voyage Planning

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There are four main learning objectives declared by the developers of this training module. First of all, the trainees will understand what the voyage planning is and why we should have it at all. Then, they will get to know everything about the responsibilities of the company in connection with providing their people with appropriate instructions and procedures.

In addition to that, all important factors that shall be considered when making a decision on the appropriate route have been covered. Finally, this module will tell them about the fundamental principles of the voyage planning and shed some light on execution of the plan both with and without the ECDIS system available.

The main purpose of the voyage planning is to provide adequate preparation for the intended voyage with the due attention paid by the bridge team to the voyage and also to make sure that the vessel will be navigated in a safe manner. A proper voyage plan will provide a good coverage of the pilotage, coastal and ocean waters. Of course, the navigators shall be appropriately briefed with regard to the intended navigation. Should the voyage plan have to be amended, the navigators shall be made of these changes.

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