Energy-Efficient Electric Motors

Author(s) Ali Emadi
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2004
Pages 424
Format pdf
Size 13 Mb







This is the 3rd, significantly expanded and thoroughly revised, release of the popular and well-detailed reference book providing all technical guidelines that may be required for the correct selection and proper further use of the various electric motors for better performance and increased reliability, improved efficiency of the energy and, in addition, more economical life-cycle cost.

The publication is reflecting the actual situation in the current field, and describes to readers all the latest major technological developments related to the control electronics, and the economics of energy efficient electric systems/motors, and the advanced power electronic drivers. This latest edition of the book includes some completely new chapters that are intended to address the most important topics, e.g. the fundamentals of the power electronics as applied to the electric motor drives, motor drives of the advanced switched reluctance, adjustable speed drives together with their applications, permanent magnet, no-brush direct current electric motor drives.

This book should be treated as critically valuable for the electrical engineers, equipment makers and all other involved parties like specialists dealing with the maintenance and operation of the equipment in question, for the informed decision making.

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