Farewell to Steam

Author(s) David Plowden
Publisher Greene Press
Date 1966
Pages 154
Format pdf
Size 25 Mb







The invention of the steam engines was definitely one of the events deservedly considered most significant and important to the whole development of the modern human civilization; its impact on the course of North American history alone was as direct and powerful as its own mechanical action. This creation is one of the simplest and, at the same time, most beautiful power mechanisms that man has ever devised; to me all other machines pale by comparison.

This is an engine with a number of cylinders with a piston travels straight back and forth inside each of the cylinders, i.e. "reciprocating". Steam, being admitted and exhausted alternately at both ends of the piston stroke, pushes the piston forward and back, making each stroke a power stroke—a unique feature of the reciprocating engine. It means that the force is transmitted directly from the piston to either a wheel or a crankshaft by a system of rods and cranks, creating a sublime precision of movement.

The fact that there are no gears or transmission makes this the only engine with equal power both in forward and in reverse, and enables it to move anything provided there is enough steam for pushing the piston. A nice and interesting publication to be there on the bookshelf of any lover of history.

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