Guide to Hull Claims

Author(s) RHLG & Charles Taylor
Publisher Witherby
Date 2003
Pages 125
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







The material presented in this book was prepared by the specialists of two world recognized and authoritative entities. The authors of the volume provided readers with the clear and understandable explanations of the different types of marine ship hull insurance claims that would normally arise under the standard conditions of maritime insurance.

They have also addressed the steps that shall be taken by the owner of the vessel to anticipate and respond to the casualties. In addition to that, one real life case study has been included in the content of this nice and informative booklet to demonstrate the actions and responsibilities of all parties involved in any serious casualty at sea. The authors tried to give a sort of general guidance while avoiding any complex and academic issues.

The book covers such important topics as the maritime claims in general including covered claims, proximate clause, burden of proof, recoveries and other risks, general average together with all aspects, practical aspects of particular average including drydock and removal expenses, overtime cost, riding repairs and many other topics. The procedures and info required to support the claims are dealt with in the fourth chapter, while the fifth part addresses the average adjuster. As you can see, literally everything is covered and explained in detail.

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