Guide to Ship Sanitation

Author(s) WHO
Publisher WHO
Date 2011
Pages 155
Format pdf
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This paper has been worked out and officially issued by WHO, standing for the "World Health Organization" in Geneve, Switzerland in 2011. In consists of list of acronyms and abbreviations, introduction and eight main chapters, that are followed by Annex and Glossary.

The first part - Introduction - is the opening one and it will provide the readers with some quite valuable general information concerning the structure of the present document, harmonization with International Health Regulations, ILO and IMO, describes roles and responsibilities of master, designer, constructor and other members of the marine industry.

The major chapters of the main body of this document address water, food, recreational water environments, ballast water and waste management/disposal, vector as well as reservoir control, plus controlling infectious diseases in the environment. The Annex at the end on the Guide contains various examples of hazards, monitoring procedures, control measures and corrective actions for the water supply system of the ship.

The Glossary is provided for easy reference and familiarization with the technical terminology that has been used throughout the paper. A definitely useful and very practical publication to be possessed on board for those willing to get their vessel duly maintained and in full accordance with all relevant regulations.​

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