His Majesty's Bark Endeavour

Author(s) Antonia MacArthur
Publisher HarperCollins
Date 1998
Pages 86
Format pdf
Size 10.5 Mb







This nice historical book has been prepared by the recognized and professional naval historian Antonia MacArthur, who is mainly specializing in the restoration and replication of the most famous vessels of the past. The publication tells the readers the captivating real story of this vessels and ninety-four people who made that remarkable voyage.

The author has researched the story of the HM Endeavour in detail and illustrated the texts with numerous contemporary paintings, adding the nautical charts and relevant drawings and sketches; moreover, mote that there are many photos of the replica ship. As we said, this book describes not only the famous bark but also pays much attention to the people who sailed. The author has did her best trying to highlight the whole excitement of discovery to new geographical areas and new people, new animals and plants. Many interesting extracts taken from the original shipboard logs and records have also been included in the book.

That is why we are pretty sure that this publication will present interest not only to the professional maritime historians but in fact to anyone with the interest in the naval history, famous marine ships of the past times, sea voyages made centuries ago, sea adventures, geographic discoveries and everything else related to the sea and the ship.

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