IMDG Code 2016

Author(s) IMO
Publisher IMO
Date 2016
Pages 38
Format pdf
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The present collection of files contains the IMDG Code 2016. It consists of two volumes of the Code itself supplemented with some additional information to be taken into consideration when applying the provisions of the IMDG Code. The main content of the IMDG Code has undergone significant changes over the past several years and its format has also been subjected to rearrangement.

This all was done in order to keep the Code in line with the rapidly expanding and developing maritime shipping industry. The Amdt. 38-16 contains the revisions made to the various parts of the IMDG Code including the requirements for transportation of the specific substances. The material of the Code is presented in two separate volumes and is arranged in seven parts.

The main body of the Code covers the general provisions, main definitions used in the document, security provisions and information on training of the personnel, classification of the dangerous goods carried on board ships, such as explosive, radioactive materials and others, packing and tank provisions, transport operations, consignment procedures etc.

There is a glossary of terminology provided in one of the appendices. Needless to say that the IMDG Code is a must-have publication on board every single ship engaged in the marine transportation of any dangerous goods.

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