Low-Speed Engines 2021

Author(s) WinGD
Publisher Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd.
Date 2021
Pages 51
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







Nowadays, the international maritime shipping industry faces a really high demand for action. The subject action should result in the changes leading to the improvement of the situation with the environment and moving out of the current climate crisis. The overall success of the modern shipping industry will be limited with its flexibility, as well as the degree of responsiveness, so the parties involved are required to act timely and properly in order to duly meet all of today’s challenges.

The role played by the world famous WinGD started more than a century ago, and throughout its history, the company people did their best to promote the technological process and innovation. The present booklet is devoted to the low-speed engines manufactured by the company, starting with some brief historical background on their technical development.

The application of the engines in the merchant shipbuilding is explained together with the description of the power range and engine designations and maintenance. Then, the detailed technical information on each of the engine is provided with due attention paid to the IMO fuel compliance, which is one of the major areas of concern today.

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