Machinery's Handbook

Author(s) Erik Oberg, Franklin Jones
Publisher Industrial Press, Inc.
Date 2012
Pages 3182
Format pdf
Size 21 Mb







For years, this handbook has been considered one of the most comprehensive and popular reference works in the field of engineering, design and metalworking as well as the other relevant areas. It has been in wide use in technical schools and colleges as the practical and authoritative tool, providing students with the most basic and essential aspects of manufacturing practice.

The present release contains serious updates and revisions of the existing material and also some new materials; some of the major sections have been extensively renovated, including properties of the materials, machine elements, mathematics, gauging, threads, measuring, manufacturing etc. As a result, the content of the publication has been increased to nearly three thousand pages. Note that this volume is not just for the professionals, i.e. it can easily be used by any people with the interest in the fields of engineering mentioned above.

The carefully selected and compiled content of the volume has made this book world popular and treated as a Bible for the practicing engineers and students, with many readers calling it the best engineering reference book ever published. In short, we would recommend this publication for any technical person and consider it a must-have handbook on the bookshelf of any professional engineer.

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