Marine Engines & Propulsion

Author(s) Ranger Hope
Publisher SplashMaritime
Date 2015
Pages 192
Format pdf
Size 6 Mb







The present book is intended to describe the marine engines as well as the auxiliary motors and systems of propulsion that are usually found on smaller commercial vessels having a length of not more than 80 meters and the displacement of less than 500 tons. The main content of the book is arranged in ten major chapters, followed by a glossary of terms used throughout the text of the volume and marine engineering, in general.

The first chapter of the book explains the basic principles of the internal combustion engines, covering the operating principles, two- and four-stroke engines, timing and air supply, and protection devices. The second chapter deals with the storage and handling of the fuel, including survey compliance, transfer pumps, contamination, description of the flash point and procedure for safe entering the fuel tanks. The third chapter continues the fuel theme and concentrates on the supply, injection and control of the fuel oil, covering the petrol and diesel fuel systems, governors and injection pumps, troubleshooting etc.

The chapter dedicated to the lubricating system provides the information on the purpose and components of these systems, oils and additives, contamination issues, as well as analysis and servicing. Then, there are separate chapters on the cooling, gearing, tailshafts, propellers, propulsion systems, outboard and inboard motors.

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