Marine Machinery Course

Author(s) Liviu-Constantin Stan
Publisher Editura Nautica
Date 2010
Pages 452
Format pdf
Size 18 Mb







An excellent and perfectly comprehensive textbook on marine machinery. The author of the book has covered such important areas of marine engineering as marine boilers and steam turbines, construction of the marine diesel engines and their operating cycles, fuel oils, pumping systems, and shafting and propulsion arrangements.

The first chapter of the book addresses the marine boilers, including general overview of the boilers, the water tube boilers, types of boilers, auxiliary boilers, exhaust gas heat recovery, operation and control of boilers, and water treatment. The second chapter deals with the steam turbines installed on board ships, covering the types of working cycles, reheat/non-reheat turbines, various sources of loss of efficiency, constructional details, control systems and control valves, monitoring of the turbines operation and logging of the associated data, condensers and feed heaters, gearing, lubrication arrangements, turbogenerators.

Third part is fully dedicated to the marine diesel engines, their bedplates, crankshafts, cylinder liners and covers, fuels, pumps and injectors, scavenging, load diagram, indicator diagrams, governors, crossheads, guides, types of engines, crankcase explosions, starting air arrangements, air compressors/receivers, cooling, vibration, etc. Then there is a chapter on fueling, including characteristics of the fuel oils and their specifications, filters and additives. Remaining chapters cover the operating cycles and shafting/propulsion. Absolutely must-have book for any student or professional in marine engineering.

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