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One of the most useful tools available today for the easy determination of the PED (standing for the Pressure Equipment Directive) hazard categories as well as conformity assessment modules normally applicable to their pressure equipment.

The application developed and released by LR features a very easy to use step-by-step user interface and helps clear any confusion about the PED category to be applied. All required technical details of the modules and categories are readily available.

Among the other useful features of the present application we would mention simple data inputs, display of the category and modules on the basis of the equipment type, fluid and phase, detailed description of the equipment manufacturer's and NB's (Notified Body) separate responsibilities.

An absolutely recommended software to be installed on any android-based device, featuring compactness and practicality of the content together with the wide choice of functions. As usual, no viruses of anything. Just download, install and start using.

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One more LR-released and supported application for android based devices. This relatively small and very easy-to-use application highlights the deficiencies as formally listed in the Annexes to the IMO MARPOL Convention in order to help crew members and owners trying to get their ship in full compliance with the requirements of this international convention.

It will enable users to view all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements; they will have the opportunity to save checklists and survey logs for the future use, check off the activities that have been already completed. They will also be able to supplement the survey results with the images and text notes.

There are many other useful features of this app which we definitely recommend to the people performing subject checks as well as to the crew members responsible for maintaining the relevant items in due condition and present the vessel for the inspection.

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The present android application has been originally developed to let users manage their fleets, browse the classification data pertaining for the vessels classed by the Lloyd's Register; it provides users with a graphical display of the surveys for the vessels allowing the users of the app to perform the continuous monitoring of the ships and to arrange the surveys in a very effective way.

It has now become technically possible to create a favorite list of ships for easier management, and place the online survey request. the new feature was implemented in this version of the app allowing to search the updated LR database for the approved service suppliers. A must-have application for the companies having their vessels classed by Lloyds Register.

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The ISPS Crew Awareness Training Course has been originally designed to inform the crew members about current threats to the maritime security, to raise awareness of the duties and also of the responsibilities of ship's crew outlined in the ISPS code, to familiarize them with the contents of the SSP, i.e. Ship Security Plan, and to outline necessary protective measures directly relating to the maritime security.

The course is divided into nine sections - security threats, maritime security policy and associated responsibilities, SSP, security equipment, training and drills, contingency plans, recognition of the threats and responding to them, port/ship interface - supplemented with the final test questions. Recommended for training purposes.

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This small but useful application is intended to be of great use for training with ship crew members on the requirements of both ISM and ISPS Codes. Since PSC detentions due to ISM failures are nowadays becoming more common as the port authorities are grouping deficiencies together in order to justify detaining the ship, it is very important to be thoroughly familiar with all requirements of the above stated regulations.

This is the 2015 release of the application developed by Lloyds Register of Shipping Services Ltd. Using this app will help crew determine whether they are ready for the forthcoming PSC inspection. Also quite good when used for training purposes to make sure that the crew is familiar with all relevant requirements.

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This is the ver. 11.10.05 of the IMDG Code by IMO; the content of the program was specifically developed by the specialists of Exis Technologies Ltd company and released some years ago. This program was prepared to work on all Windows systems. In order for the installation process to commence, the users shall first open the pdf document which is included in the archive.

Generally, this program should be treated as the computerized version of the Amendment 36-12 to the IMDG Code; it also and includes the Supplement and the Dangerous Goods List; moreover, a list of IMDG substances is also there supplemented with the index for easier reference, as well as the necessary facilities to print the particular DG Note. We have checked the archive and have not revealed any malware. No activation or registration is required, just launch it and feel free to use for for or training purposes.

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Here is the computer-based version of the most popular and useful maritime document - "IMDG Code 37-14" for Windows. It contains unabridged and complete text of the Code itself, incorporating Amendment 37-14. The Dangerous Goods List is also inside. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows.

This software is expected to serve as an excellent supplement to the paper copy of the document; it may even substitute the paper copy in case of necessity. Very good when used for quick reference, taking into account the availability of search function.

Indispensable resource for training of the crew members and even for the classroom. In short, a must-have program to be possessed on the computer of the vessel transporting dangerous goods under the IMDG Code. All crew members are highly recommended to get familiarized with the content of the Code using either hard copy or this software.

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Here is one more popular and very useful application from one of the leaders in classification - LRS, i.e. Lloyd's Register of Shipping. In fact, the software is the interactive checklist developed to allow the ship crew members to significantly reduce the risk of getting the vessel detained by the port state control officers.

This checklist may be used for preparation for the forthcoming visit of the PSC officer and you may check activities off as they are completed; such approach would let see the progress of preparation and note the remaining scope and make proper planning or amend it.

Apart from the preparation for the PSC attendance, this application may also be used for study as it includes all requirements of the ILO MLC. In short, a good and practically useful app.

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