Maritime Law

Author(s) Andrew W. Baker, Harry Sumption
Publisher Routledge
Date 2014
Pages 635
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







Excellent book providing most important information on maritime law: The conflict of laws - Introduction - Arbitration - Court jurisdiction - Governing law; Shipping documents and int' trade - Int'l commercial sales on shipment terms - The passing of risk and property in the goods - Performance of the contract - Rejection; Shipbuilding, sale, finance and registration - Shipbuilding and its contractual framework, The sale of second hand tonnage - Ship registration - Basic ship finance and mortgages registration; Charterparties - Shipbrokers - The Hague, Hague-Visby and Hamburg rules - Seaworthiness - Remedies for owner;s breach - Reasonable dispatch - Deviation - Safe ports - Frustration - Timing at the beginning of the charterparty - Time charterparties - Voyage charterparties - Liens; Cargo claims & bills of lading - The claimant's title to Sue - The identity of the carrier - Do the Hague-Visby rules apply? - Proving the claimant's loss - Proving the carrier's breach - Excluding or limiting the carrier's liabilityThe claimant's potential liability towards the carrier; The liabilities of the vessel - Collisions - Salvage - General average - Towage - Wreck removal; Ports and harbours - Pilotage - Limitation of liability; Carriage of passengers - The 1974 Athens convention - The 2002 protocol - The Athens regulation - The commercial rality - Qualtum of damages for death and injury; Public int'l law aspects of shipping regulation; Safety and compliance; Marine insurance; Marine pollution from shipping activities; Procedures for enforcement; The application of the EU Competition Rules to the marine sector.

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