mechanical engineers handbook

Author(s) Don B. Marghitu
Publisher National Academic Press
Date 2011
Pages 864
Format pdf
Size 15 Mb







This book has been developed specifically to fill the existing need for students and professionals of mechanical engineering. With more than a thousand of pages containing useful and valuable information, more than five hundred illustrations and numerous data tables, it shall definitely be looked at as a very comprehensive handbook. The content of the handbook was worked out to cover literally all major fields of the mechanical engineering, including the definitions and mathematical formulas, theoretical information and live practical examples, and understandable explanations of all principles. We would say that this book is the essential companion for all students.

In fact, it may be used by anyone who is preparing to sit for the engineering licensing exams. Though the size of the book is quite small to make it compact, the material has been covered in depth, and that makes the book very handy for the practicing engineers in need for the quick reference tool.  The ultimate purpose of the authors was to provide readers with the text including both theory and examples, and they did succeed in this. Note that it will be equally useful for the researchers and designers since it is convenient to use and detailed.

The content includes the fundamental theories and laws including controls and math. The special features of the book include charts and tables, contributions by the respected experts, formulas with explanations, and special chapters dedicated to the mechanical design.

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